How to use sales

Sales are used to temporarily set discounted prices in your store. The main difference between tasks is that sales can be scheduled to start and stop automatically.

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Creating sale


It is used only internally for your reference and is not visible to customers.

Change type

You can apply sale globally by selecting Product prices:

Or apply sale only to specific market by selecting Market prices:

Note: within one sale only markets with the same currency can be selected.


Specify the discount. You can decrease price by a percent/amount:

Or set new price:

Compare at price

Compare at price is a field in Shopify that is used to show the crossed-out amount next to the discounted price. It shows the original price of the product before the discount.

For sales we recommend you to set compare at price to the old price. This way the discounted price will be shown in your store.

Alternatively, you can set the compare at price manually. In that case, make sure that it's higher than the price. Otherwise, the discounted price won't be shown in your store.

Apply to

Choose to which products, collections, variants, or tags you want to apply the sale.


Choose which products should be excluded from sale. If you don't want to apply sale to already discounted product select Products on sale here.


You can choose start date and time of the sale. If you keep start time unchanged, the sale will start immediately after creation.

Also, you can specify the end date and time for the sale. But this is not mandatory, you can stop the sale manually too.

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